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Do you price match products?

Yes! We will price match as long as it is model for model and from a major local retailer. Sometimes the big box stores have the manufacturer build them a "big box" only model. That would not be something we could match.

Also, we will not match competitor labor rates or shop fees. Our installers and technicians are highly trained and experts in our services. We establish our labor rates carefully and we do it right the first time.


Do you do repairs on electronics?

No, we do not offer any in-store or on-site repair for any kind of electronics.

We can help diagnose an issue to be sure a repair or replacement is needed, and we can help facilitate the repair process if a product is under warranty or can be fixed.

If you have a newer TV needing repair, we refer customers to Night Eyes out of Wills Point.

Do you mount TVs if they are purchased somewhere else?

Of course! We have no problem mounting existing TVs or one you have purchased elsewhere. Our store policy insists we only use our Strong Mount brand of TV mounts to insure quality installation though. This policy is enforced regardless of where the TV was purchased.

We can mount on drywall, stone, or brick. If you have some type of marble or tile surface we can mount it there, but it requires hiring a specialist to carefully drill for the mounting hardware.

Do you install back up cameras for vehicles?

Yes we do. We offer a variety of safety solutions like back up cameras, dash cams, front or rear parking sensors, blind spot protection, and more. If your vehicle didn't come from the factory with a feature you wanted, we can more than likely add it!

Can I replace my factory radio with one that has Apple Carplay or Android Auto?

Yes, depending on the vehicle. There are a few makes and models out there (specifically in the luxury lines) that prevent us from replacing the factory radio. 

If you want to know about the options for your car, give us a call and one of our experts can look it up for you!

Can I access and control my home systems from the iPad I already have?

Yes! It's as simple as downloading a specific app. You can also do the same on your smartphone. You will securely login to access and control your audio, lighting, security and more.

Can you put window tint on my home windows?

Yes! We install window film for both residential and commercial applications. Adding window tint helps cut down the heat and UV light that heats up your home and damages interior furnishings or floors while lowering the electric bill at the same time!

Just give us a call to schedule an appointment for us to come out and take measurements.

I can't hear dialogue from my TV unless the volume is all the way up. Why?

Almost every show we watch, especially movies, is recorded in some type of surround sound format. The problem is most TVs are only going to have two speakers for 2-channel stereo. 

The audio for dialogue is meant to have its own speaker, which is a front center channel. Without a surround sound setup or at least a 3-channel soundbar, it can be very difficult to hear what is being spoken during a show. Only higher end televisions have built in solutions for this issue.

If you're having trouble hearing dialogue, give us a call - or better yet - stop by and we’ll demonstrate the difference to you so you can hear it for yourself. After all - hearing is believing.

I want to mount a TV over my fireplace, but I don't have connections. Can you help?

We mount plenty of televisions over fireplaces. It costs a little more for mounting on stone, brick, and especially marble/tile. However, if you do not have power or cable connections and your fireplace is real wood burning (even if converted to just gas later) we suggest finding another location.

A lot of fireplaces are located on an exterior wall, which already makes it nearly impossible to get new wires down. Even on an interior wall, a real wood burning fireplace has a very small gap between the front facade and the actual fire brick behind it. Unless you're doing an extensive remodel including the fireplace, it's more work than it's worth if not completely impossible.

I want wireless speakers for my home. Can you help?

The term "wireless" is a misnomer when it comes to most home audio speakers. Unless a speaker is battery powered or rechargable (neither of which would be convenient for a surround sound or whole house audio) they will always either have to be plugged into a wall outlet, or powered by some type of receiver.

From that point, there are a number of ways to wirelessly CONTROL the audio throughout your home. Our go-to has always been the SONOS line of products which we have on display in the store if you'd like to come in and hear for yourself how well they work.

I want a surround sound setup for a room. What speakers should I look for?

There are hundreds of brands out there for speakers and a lot of it comes down to budget and personal preference. You could do the entire system with flush mount in-ceiling speakers, a mix of in-ceiling with traditional tower speakers, or all traditional tower/bookshelf speakers. The shape of the room can determine what is better to use as well.

We carry Klipsch, Paradigm, Martin Logan, and Focal. All of which offer either flush mount or traditional. Call us and schedule a free at home consult and we'd be happy to give you our professional opinion and send a quote!

I want a cable connection moved or a new one in a room. Can you help?

Yes, however there are factors to consider before giving us a call. We cannot drop a new cable connection down an exterior wall, so find an interior wall you'd want it to be located on. Also, rooms with higher ceilings in most new homes have what is known as a "fire block" between the wall studs. The height and location of fire blocks can vary, but they can prevent us from dropping a new wire. It can still be done, but we have to cut sheetrock. So it can become a bit of an expense to some people unless you're currently renovating. 

I have an existing system in my home. Can you still help me?

Yes, our talented team has taken on all sorts of projects from new construction to existing system upgrades. We start by evaluating what we might be able to save and what we'll need to replace.

Give us a call and schedule a free at home consult to get the process started!