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The temperature differences with different window films and no film.

Privacy Glass or Window Tint?

By Matt Pecharich | June 13th, 2019/Window Tint

We’re finding ourselves answering this question a lot more lately, especially as the summer heat starts creeping back into East Texas. Most new vehicles are coming from the manufacturer with “tinted” windows on the rear half. Unfortunately, some customers mistake this factory privacy glass for “window tint”.



New Construction Professional Pre-Wiring

By Matt Pecharich | May 13th, 2019/New Home

Building your own home is one of the most exciting experiences and biggest investments most of us will have in our lifetime. Being able to either pick the exact layout of your dream home or design something from the ground up offers numerous advantages. You’re not buying someone else’s dream, you’re building and creating your own.


Professional A/V Moving and Installation

By Matt Pecharich | April 21st, 2019/New Home

Planning on making a move soon? You will probably be looking into hiring a moving company to handle the transportation of furniture and all of your personal belongings. There’s nothing wrong with that. A good moving company has experienced professionals who are knowledgeable at moving appliances, furniture, boxes, etc.. safely from one home to the next.


Alpine's New One-Two Punch: iLX-W650 and KTA-450

By Matt Pecharich | March 3rd, 2019/Mobile Media Solutions

A Veteran of the Industry Coming in Hot

We’re heading into the third month of 2019 and of course every manufacturer is trickling out their updated models for the year. But while some companies are just changing model numbers, others are changing the game. One of those companies on our car audio side of the store…


OLED vs. QLED: 2019's Top TVs

By Matt Pecharich | January 15th, 2019/Home Audio and Video

The battle of the brands is ever changing and ongoing when it comes to televisions. It’s a huge market and every major manufacturer is fighting to be at the top. So naturally on an almost daily basis we get asked the big question:

“Who makes the best TV?”

Here at Stereo and Video Center we…


The Remote Control Juggle

By Matt Pecharich | December 4th, 2018/Home Remote Controls

The Problem

If you have multiple components making up your home A/V system, chances are pretty good that you also have a bowl of various remotes sitting nearby. A remote for every component, and a process of using several different remotes to turn all of…


TV Mounts - Which one is right for you?

By Matt Pecharich | October 9th, 2018/Home Audio and Video

Mounting a TV can have multiple benefits for you and your family:

  • Better viewing angles

  • Cleaner look and feel to the room


Ceramic or Standard Window Tint?

By Matt Pecharich | September 13th, 2018/Window Tint

We stay busy installing window tint (or film, if you prefer) on vehicles here in Tyler Texas. Our two tinters (the industry name for experienced tint installers) have over 40 years of experience combined. The Texas heat and sun can be unbearable outside of your car, not to mention inside the car when it’s been sitting in the sun all day or…


Wireless Speaker Misconceptions

By Matt Pecharich | August 29th, 2018/Home Audio and Video

We have customers ask us all the time if we offer any wireless home speaker or surround sound options. The answer is yes, but it’s never what most customers think. The word “wireless” in this instance is a bit misleading.

The Misconception Explained


Home network issues? We have solutions!

By Matt Pecharich | August 28th, 2018/Home Networking

In this day and age, nearly everyone uses the internet at home. From Facebook, to Amazon, to research, to streaming Netflix or Hulu, almost every home has some level of access to the internet. We also understand the frustration of an undependable or glitchy network connection.



Rock-N-Roll Cooler From Wet Sounds

August 15, 2018/Mobile Media Solutions

After being the center of technology for the greater Tyler area for more than 50 years, the team here takes the process of looking for products that have a huge amount of fun attached to them very seriously. So when we heard about the new Wet Sounds Stealth Cooler, we had to bring it in and check it out for ourselves.

Blog - Moving - 71918

Moving into a New Home?

July 19, 2018/New Home

A great time to install home integration services is when you’re either building a new home or renovating an existing one.—you get down to the wires in both cases. These projects also take time and involve mess that wouldn’t be fun to live around! If you are on a budget it may take a few years for your home to fully become what you initially envisioned. Smart devices such as…

Blog - Business Alexa - 7118

Does your business need voice control?

July 1, 2018/Business

With Amazon’s new announcement to unveil ‘Alexa for business’ back in December 2017, many businesses are asking questions that they haven’t before like; "why does my business need voice control?’"

As we know, the Amazon Echo revolutionized how we live at home; it’s a device that has many benefits in the home, ordering groceries, organizing calendars,…

Stereo and Video Center - Remote Controls

Remote Controls

April 16, 2018/Home Remote Controls

Does anyone remember the earliest remote controls for TV’s? Would you believe they operated like flashlights? Talk about a technology working it’s way into the hearts (and sofas) of American homes. Starting back in the 1950s as highly promoted luxury for the “modern” home, it wasn’t long before they were the subject of late-night comedians, the focus of husband/wif…

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