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Seura Bolero Mirror TV - With Border Illumination

Reflect ambience. Illuminate your space.

Séura’s Lighted Mirrors echo the character of light – its luster, its grace in shadow. Light fixtures provide an elegant glow to create a dynamic relationship in your most treasured living spaces. Séura’s muse was luminous. Imagine an elegant mirror with just such traits: radiance and style. Add a brilliant sculptural element to your interior with soothing, refined illumination.

A variety of lighting patterns. A design for every taste.

Séura’s elegant lighting patterns vary from simple minimalism to distinct originality. Séura collaborated with interior design experts to perfect these nine original patterns. Some designs, such as the Lumin and Allegro, project a high volume of light on the subject. Other designs, such as the Veda and Forte, emit an ambient, complementing glow. Etched into the backside of the glass, these patterns are protected from dust and discoloration for a long, beautifully illuminated life.
Aeon Veda Jaxon Lola Lumin Halo Forte Bolero Allegro

Fluorescent or LED. The choice is yours.

Séura lighted mirrors are available with either LED or fluorescent lighting. Séura Brilliant LEDs offer the same brightness as Séura’s fluorescent option at a comparable cost, but includes all of the great benefits that LEDs have to offer. Select Séura Brilliant LED lighting for a long-life, energy-efficient, and environmentally safe solution that reduces maintenance and replacement costs, and saves money on electric bills. With Séura Brilliant LED lighting, mirror size and design are unrestricted by standard bulb sizes. Upgrade to a dimmable ballast for the ultimate in flexibility.

Superior mirror etching capabilities.

Utilizing a Computer Numeric Control (CNC) etching process, Séura ensures the lighted mirror etching perfectly matches the intended design every time. Séura applies mirror etching on the reverse side of the glass, unless otherwise requested. This helps keep the glass free of debris and allows for easy cleaning on a pristine product.

Silvered mirror.
Beautiful reflection.

Séura’s finely crafted mirrors offer a bright, accurate, crystal-clear reflection. Reflecting 100% of red, green, and blue light ensures a pure, true-to-life reflection with no tint of blue or green. Perfect for applying makeup or other personal tasks requiring color accuracy in any lighting condition, Séura lighted mirrors do not disappoint. Resistant to black edge corrosion, Séura lighted mirrors stand the test of time and look beautiful for years to come.

Copper-free mirror.
Preventing black edge corrosion.

Séura utilizes erosion free mirror glass for every mirrored product that Séura manufacturers. Fabricated with copper-free coatings, Séura mirrors are not susceptible to unsightly “black edge” caused by ammoniated cleaners over time.

Seura Lumination Bolero Lighted Mirror TV